How Golf Logix Launched A New Product Line and Increased Their Mobile App Purchases

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Founded in 1999, Golf Logix is the world leader in Golf GPS technology and was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry. Seeing the rapid advances in Smartphone technology, GolfLogix quickly captured the market with a golf application that provides precise GPS distances, keeps score, tracks stats and uploads them to an online clubhouse community where golfers can share and compete with millions of golfers worldwide. The Golf Logix Golf GPS application has become the #1 Golf App across all Smartphones.


Golf Logix came to Birch River Design Group with a need to scale their business and to elevate their PPC campaigns accordingly. When we first took over the account, the leadership at Golf Logix utilized a central reporting tool in which the marketing platform (PPC platforms) and the conversion events inside the ads were not communicating appropriately. Therefore, the Golf Logix team was unable to gain insight about the money coming into their campaigns, giving them a skewed perspective of the results of their PPC efforts.


Starting by running ads in multiple countries and across the United States, the nature of the multiple markets that each ad campaign was being run in required individual optimization on a daily basis for effective results. Birch River Design Group’s technical team was able to fix the communication between the ad platforms and the app to track which campaigns the users with the highest life time value are coming from.

After these efforts, the ads spend dollar amount was remarkably high, ultimately meeting Golf Logix’s requirement to spend high dollars in paid media. Moreover, Birch River Design Group was successful in giving the Golf Logix leadership team greater visibility into the ROI of their ad spend, allowing for their business to scale with longevity and sustainability.

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