Been burned by
digital marketing in the past?

Don’t worry, we understand. Your natural inquisitiveness plus digital marketing’s ever-changing technology leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. You might be wondering if digital marketing is right for you or if it is even worth it. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive when onboarding new clients and their respective answers.

How can I distinguish when an agency is genuine and not attempting to upsell me?

Determining what you need from a digital marketing agency is not a one size fits all solution. While you will likely need assistance with the fundamentals of digital marketing: well-developed SEO on your website, accurate social media representation, relatable content, ads that are targeted towards your demographic – you do not need to go full force on every front all the time.

We can help you understand what is going to benefit your brand the most, and the best way to go about achieving these objectives.

Like buying a car, an agency shouldn’t be afraid to give you a test drive. If you are unable to ask questions that’ll help you understand the “why” behind what you need, keep searching.

What is the big deal with digital marketing? I have an in-house marketing team that can be taught the skills you have. What do you charge to train a team?

With people consuming digital content on a daily basis, it is important for a business to stay ahead of the curve and reach a larger audience in a shorter time period. It might be easy to think that what we do is simple. But once you pull back and take a glance at the full scope of our services and what each entails, you will see that our industry is riddled with complexities that an impromptu in-house team is unable to tackle. 

While we are unable to teach you how to do what we do due to the vast number of complexities we encounter daily, we would be happy to work in conjunction with your existing team to supplement the knowledge needed to bring your business forward.

Why does my business need digital marketing?

In the modern world, the internet sits at the crest of the most valuable marketing resources and technologies. It’s everywhere – a wireless system interlacing businesses, services, and people together. With almost all of humanity tapping into this network for answers to guide their day to day lives, all businesses are in need of digital marketing. It would be careless to say otherwise. The success of a business now depends highly on their digital marketing strategies, which helps businesses stay connected to their customers and to streamline their processes.

I’ve tried working with a digital marketing company, and it was a waste of money.

We understand how sometimes a digital marketing agency can be deceptive, distracting their clients with smoke and mirrors while mismanaging resources in the background and turning valuable strategies into money pits. 

Here at Birch River, we embrace transparency, letting our clients know that while most strategies have a fair amount of automation, a bigger portion involves research, refinement, and fine-tuning time and time again in order to achieve those “easy” numbers. 

You will be updated during the process on what to expect – both good and bad – and how we are working and adapting towards your success.

I have worked with multiple agencies in the past and still haven’t found one that fits my needs. Will you work with older accounts or instead restart all of my foundations?

Similar to when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, having too many hands on an account can cause confusion and unclarity, which is why it is important for our team to fully understand the situation before working on a new account. 

When different agencies have had a hand on a singular account, it is most important to our team to ensure we grasp the history of your account. Sure – we can hop in and get straight to work, but just as easily as we can implement our practices, we can tell you that you will run into problems if we don’t take the time to fully comprehend and potentially change what has been set up before.

For most brands that have worked with multiple agencies in the same account, we ask for transparency. Therefore, our team can work our magic from the beginning to get you the best results. We ask for 30 days during the onboarding process to get familiar with the accounts, test items that are already in place, and replace items that are no longer needed. From there, we can continue with your marketing goals if all items are correct.

I hate working with agencies because I have to pay for every hour and end up with unexpected costs at the end of the month. How can I be sure that I know what I am paying for?

At Birch River Design Group, we are thorough with our onboarding process to avoid this exact scenario. We dive deep at the beginning of each new partnership to better understand the ins and outs of your end goal, the areas your team handles, and any help you may need from us along the process.

We develop a retainer that is specific to your needs to be paid at the beginning of each month. All commitments that fall within this scope will be fulfilled. While our team takes pride in assisting our clients to the fullest potential, please understand that we schedule our day according to scope. We will provide support where we can outside of the given scope.

Should you have any additional projects that come up for the following month, simply let us know and we will be sure to adjust and accommodate you. Both parties will agree to any increases in cost before additional work is completed.

How long do I need to work with your agency?

Due to the algorithms and the overall creative processes behind each new project, we generally require that a brand is committed towards the partnership for a minimum of 60 to 90 days. This allows our team to validate that all pieces are working together like they should and to also get your accounts on the right track. From there we monitor the performance and what we can change, to strategize for better longevity. 

Following the 60 or 90 days, projects are facilitated on a monthly retainer basis. This ensures that we are staying within the given scope, and that you are not paying any extra. This also means that at any month, you can adjust your hours and rates based on your needs.

This gives both sides flexibility to arise to the challenges that come with the uncertainty of growing a business. Should you change direction in your mission, you won’t have to continue paying for services you do not need. If you grow faster than expected, we are fully capable of molding to your team’s needs and goals as your business changes.

I’ve been locked into a marketing contract in the past only to become neglected. How can I be sure this won't happen again?

As a team, we put effort into molding our services to our client’s needs on a monthly basis. You will have access to accounts and a clear line of communication to multiple team members. Working with us on SEO? There’s a contact for that. Amping up design work? Speak directly with our creative team. Leads not flowing in? Schedule a call with your appointed paid ads manager. 

You will never need to jump through hoops to get an answer.

Agencies always post what they like and I lose my branding originality. How do I make sure that your team stays on brand?

The Birch River Design Group team prides itself on being fully capable of molding to a brand and taking it to the next level. We work to tell your story more clearly and to a larger audience. To do this, we always verify that a brand has a well-developed plan for us to abide by. Don’t have one? Don’t worry! Our in-house design team would be happy to round out your vision before we dive further into marketing efforts.

Our team has a focus on collaboration. Each client works with the team to establish their approval processes, as well as likes and dislikes. You have an active say in what is published on all platforms.

We only reserve the right to limit the number of changes per collateral piece, and will express our professional opinion about the elements we know will propel your brand forward and towards your end goal.

The agencies I have worked with always miss deadlines. I work quickly and need someone that can keep up - can Birch River Design Group manage this?

At Birch River, getting work done is exhilarating. Whatever the project or task at hand is, we run full steam ahead to complete and deliver thrilling results. We have felt that time and time again about the work we do and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We take joy in celebrating your victories with you. However, we also take pride in being the guide and resource that you need to succeed.

We always discuss deadlines with our clients and outline reasonable timelines. We love having you as a client, but we equally love our existing clients and will continue delivering our best work with utmost respect to them as well. This is why we ask our clientele to be as clear as possible about deliverables. If you have a fast-approaching deadline let us know so that we can

What if I am a new startup that needs help?

We are a small business that aims to support other small businesses. Our specialities aim to boost traffic, sales, and analytics, perfectly aligning with the needs of an emerging business. If your brand messaging and goals are clearly defined, we would be happy to take your brand to the next level.

Not sure what you want your brand to stand for? Developing a relationship between your business and its brand identity should be one of the first steps you take as a business. We work solely with businesses that know and have clearly defined their brand identities because we are firm believers that brand is as important as the product or service you are offering your customers.

I do not know what I want my brand to look like. Will you still work with me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to work with companies that are unclear about the direction they want their brand to head. In order to effectively strategize and achieve marketing goals, we need to understand a few business basics such as branding guidelines, target demographic, and clear product advantages.

If you do not have a logo, branding guidelines or an outline of your target consumer, we can work with you to establish this baseline. However, this must be clearly outlined before we begin any paid ads, social media, or content efforts.

What if I like my current agencies, but am working with multiple and want to make sure nothing is being missed?

We love to hear when companies are happy with their agencies! If you have a lot of people doing a variety of things, we are available for consulting services. You tell us what is on your radar as well as any current concerns, and we can make sure that all teams are working together in synchrony to achieve your goals effectively. 

You will receive weekly phone calls with our team as well as comprehensive outlines for next steps for all agencies involved, ensuring that we are all partnering for your success.

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