Treasure Garden introduces a dual light and sound pod for 2021

Outdoor shade and accessories resource Treasure Garden is launching a multifunctional outdoor umbrella and table light with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Called Evo, the light is similar to Treasure Garden’s currently available Luna, but offers umbrella and table use combined with an integrated bass speaker and USB charging port, making it an all in one entertainment and charging system.

“Named to recognize the evolution of umbrella lighting units from the designers at Treasure Garden, the Evo goes beyond the current umbrella light accessories with state-of-the-art design and technology, and turns any umbrella into a compact and multi-functional entertainment system,” said Ben Ma, vice president of Treasure Garden.

To improve sound experience, the Evo is made with a total of three speakers, containing mid- and high-range speakers to create vivid and clear acoustics and an integrated subwoofer for deep, rich bass.  It is water resistance, comes in black and white finishes and can be fully charged in three hours to provide up to eight hours of use. The black Evo unit puts out a warm light while the white Evo offers a cool light tone.

For more information about Treasure Garden and its award-winning products, visit the company’s website.

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