How Your Business Can Benefit From Workplace

Communication is key. Without it, most relationships, projects, or business matters would be unsuccessful. There are many ways to optimize communication and in today’s age where technology has such prominence, using digital tools is often times the preferred way that most like to communicate. With such a wide range of apps available, it’s important to find one that suits the needs of your company. If you’re looking for an affordable cloud-based solution, Workplace might be the application for you.

What is Workplace?

Formerly known as Facebook Work, Workplace is a mobile and web application that assists with the unification of companies by providing its users with tools and other features that make communicating within both, small and large scale businesses, optimal. Here are a few of the core features your company can access after signing up for one of the three available plans: 

Instant Messaging: Have a question? Quickly contact members of your team with Workplace Chat. Reminiscent of Facebook Messenger, Workplace Chat allows you to run polls, send voice clips, and more wherever you go! 

Auto-Translation: Is your business global? Easily overcome language barriers with auto-translation. This feature makes it easier for team members, whose native language might differ, to communicate with one another. 

Live-Video Broadcasting: Need to make an announcement? Go live on your desktop or mobile device and receive feedback from your team in real-time. 

Newsfeed:  Have an update you’d like to share? Each team member will have access to a personalized news feed that will consistently update them on important information regarding the company. 

Groups:  Tired of trudging through countless email threads? Easily centralize files, updates, and more by creating groups for specific projects or teams. Privacy can be adjusted, including posting permissions. 

A company’s culture is its life force. If it’s weak, most endeavors pursued by the company will fail. Workplace understands this and has created ways to support the multitude of voices that often get lost within a large organization.  

Whether your complete staff works in-house or if you have a combination of both in-house and remote employees, Workplace can centralize tasks, goals, or anything else you’d like your employees to be aware of going forward. There are three versions of the application available, but feature accessibility varies with each one.


With a free signup, the Essential membership is a great way to test out the application but on a smaller scale. It is primarily aimed at teams containing a maximum of 50 members and offers 5G of file storage per person. Although access to features is limited, most of the primary communication tools needed for text, audio, and video chat are available.


Ideal for entire organizations, this membership allows an unlimited number of signups and 1TB of storage per person. With this membership comes access to additional core features like surveys, org charts, and safety checks in times of crisis. The advanced membership is free to try for 30 days. Afterward, it is $4 per person, per month. Discounts are available for frontline, non-profit and educational organizations.


If your organization is more on the larger scale it might be best to opt for the enterprise membership since its features are better equipped to handle more complex networks. At $8 a month, per person, your organization will have unlimited file storage, numerous integration and admins tools, 24/7 support, and access to all of the core features need to communicate effectively across the company. If you work on the frontline, you’ll be able to qualify for a discount on this membership. 


With an interface similar to the widely popular social networking app, Facebook, most will find switching over to Workplace fairly simple. Aside from having an interface that is easy to navigate, there are many ways your company can benefit from integrating this application into your business. 


Your newsfeed serves as the hub and will display everything that is trending or is currently taking place within the company. This brings about awareness on all fronts and prevents employees from being excluded. Diversity is strongly encouraged by Workplace. Everyone has a voice and each voice is important. Through the application’s core features, the vocalization of concerns and accomplishments is easier.

Collaboration (Groups)

Most businesses are comprised of branching networks, each with a focus on handling the duties of a specific department. Having such a large scale company can cause email threads to become a bear. The organization of these departments can be improved by creating groups that are dedicated to specific projects.

Accessibility (Mobilization)

Never miss a notification! With availability on both desktop and mobile devices, you’ll be able to receive alerts wherever you go. Gifs and emojis are also compatible with the application, so whenever you or your colleagues are in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, you can throw one in! (An appropriate one of course!) Unlike Slack, messages cannot be edited after they are sent.

As we often say, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to every situation. You might be inclined to opt for an Enterprise membership for the sake of unlocking all of Workplace’s features, but it’s best to take a step back reevaluate your company’s needs before making that commitment. Having trouble getting started? We’re here to help.  

We understand that change isn’t easy. There are many factors that make entering uncharted territory stressful: consumption of time, the uncertainty that arises when making critical decisions, and the looming possibility of failure. Integrating new tools into your business can be challenging, but with the right help, your transition can be a smooth one. Here’s how we can make your company successfully switch to Workplace : (outline) 

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