Our Story

Here at TYME, we design products that give every individual the confidence to recognize their own unique beauty. We are a small company, and a family, who are committed to making life easier with superior products, next level customer service and education.

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As a little girl there was no beacon as to what my future would hold. I had no aspirations of being a doctor or a teacher, let alone a CEO. I did have one thing I absolutely loved though: hair.

Like most girls, I spent tons of time doing hair whether it was my own or my friends’, and I got really good at it. But being able to style hair wasn’t something I considered a talent or passion and it certainly wasn’t what I imagined myself pursuing as a career. To me, being able to style hair was just a skill I needed to get through life.

Jacynda Smith inventor of the TYME Iron
Curling hair with the TYME 2-in-1 curling iron. Brunette with long curls.



Fast forward to motherhood...while my husband was pursuing his hockey career, I never dreamed of owning a business. I was content following the status quo and supporting my partner, but the universe had other plans. In 2008, after a career-ending injury, our family decided to move to the Midwest and I pursued my cosmetology license. I finally acknowledged that this skill of being able to style hair was not a common thread for all women. The clients who sat in my chair needed another solution in creating the looks they were dreaming about. I had to find a way to help them.

Brunette with long curls.

All in the


I tapped the natural talents of my cousin, an engineer, and we worked to make my idea a reality. What I originally thought would be an attachment for a straightener, quickly grew (along with the stack of torn apart straighteners). Our garage-fitted science experiments, turned revolutionary. By adding a twist - literally - to the design of the iron, we were able to put serious curling power in the hands of women. After piecing together the prototype, lovingly called FrankenTYME, my brother Kierre jumped at the opportunity to share this product with the world and our journey through TYME began.

The original concept for the TYME Iron
The latest TYME Iron Pro

Courage to CEO

Jacynda celebrating with a happy client. Woman curling her hair with TYME Iron Pro



In 2017, I learned to let go of heavy beliefs that anchored me to my past and started leading TYME with a different perspective. I worked to build a small team of driven individuals who value their own time. By allowing our tight-knit team to prioritize work that is important to them, we have built an environment that is genuine, conscious, and fluid. I’m proud of each of our teammates’ dedication to advancing the confidence and everyday experience of women all over the world.

Woman curling her hair with TYME Iron Pro



My whole life, like most women, I was convinced that hair is too difficult to maintain and a chore. I wanted to throw that idea in the trash. Having a hairstyle that looks good makes me feel confident. Having that confidence is just a small contribution in becoming the author of my life. I created the TYME Iron and the entire TYME product line to help women understand that hair CAN be effortless, long-lasting, and bring a new level of confidence to their everyday.

I want you to start being the author of your life. It may sound like a complex idea, but can be a simple change. By making little decisions that put yourself first, like taking 5 minutes for yourself in the morning while getting ready, you start to free yourself from outside expectations and open yourself to more freedom. I want that feeling of freedom for you. You are worthy.

Completed hair style with TYME products
One of the best ways we’ve found to share our knowledge of hair care, is by providing our customers with virtual stylists. Using live, one-on-one video-chat sessions, we connect with our customers, and teach them how to use our product line with amazing results.

What our customers are continually surprised with, and delighted by, is that we offer these sessions for FREE! Additionally, we pay close attention to all of our customer feedback, whether it’s in person or via social media. We want to make sure the TYME experience is one that you’re excited to share!

Welcome to the family!

Today, the TYME hair care line includes cutting edge heat tools, brushes and products that work in harmony to create gorgeous hair in a record amount of TYME! We are now a global brand, and we’re still applying the same principles that helped conceptualize the TYME Iron. We look forward to welcoming you to the TYME family!